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March 21 2018


Selling a Property Without an Agent

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Selling real estate without an agent saves almost 5% of the amount of the transaction. There are drawbacks to this option, starting with the amount of time it takes to sell a property without professional help – almost a year. Here are some tips people use when successfully marking homes for sale.

Agent or no?

Individuals wishing to sell a property without an agent’s help are on the rise. And when you know that it is possible to save an average of 5% on the amount of the transaction in this way, people can better understand why. The first step is to gather all the required and useful documents for the sale.

Proof of the seller’s personal situation, the title of ownership, technical files, energy performance diagnosis, certificates – nothing is to be forgotten. To sell real estate without an agent, it is also essential for the buyer to estimate their property at its fair value. For this, do not hesitate to compare the prices of similar homes for sale.

Nevertheless, to complete this step, it is often better to use a notary or a real estate expert like T.J. Lamb Real Estate. Last task before putting a property up for sale: writing the ad. The key to success is to be concise and precise, never blatantly omitting important elements: price, surface area, floorplans, particulars about the inside and outside of the property, etc.

Staging and visits

Here, there is no secret: people have to be organized and available. Prepare yourself, in advance, for any questions that a prospective buyer might ask. Do not hesitate to hand out a small folder containing all the information visitors may need.

To sell the property without an agent, sellers must be able to formalize the sale through the signing of the sales agreement. This must be done in front of a notary. He or she will take care of the particulars and will then allow you to conclude the sale by having you sign the deed.

Selling through real estate listings

Most people want to save money when selling a home, therefore, they think that doing the process by themselves will accomplish that feat. The problem is that, for most, it takes months to sell without help (maybe longer).

Going through a real estate agent to sell a property carries additional costs. This is the reason why many sellers make the choice to sell their property through real estate listings. However, there are several rules to follow when placing an ad. To learn about these, view TJLamb.com today.
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